Frequently asked questions

How does WEPA find trends?

In order to find the latest trends, we work with leading global trend specialists and keep our eyes and ears on the ground, constantly exploring the real and virtual world. Careful monitoring of social networks all over the world give us a lot of important insight.
Our strength is in identifying the latest and most important trends and designs and bringing these to life on your toilet roll and kitchen towel.

Are the inks damaging the environment?

No. The printing inks used are water-based, emission-free and mineral oil-free. Even the production of the printing inks is not energy-intensive or harmful to the environment.

What are the WEPA Special Editions made of?

Our WEPA Special Editions are hybrid products. They contain at least 20% recycled fibres and have a 20% improved environmental footprint. This means that you not only have a stylish product, but also contribute to protecting the environment. More information about our “Hybrid Fair Fibre” products can be found here:

When will there be a new WEPA Special Edition?

To stay up to date and be the first to know when there will be a new WEPA Special Edition, follow us on Instagram! Here we’ll keep you up to date and inform you about new trends and products. You can find us at Instagram: @wepatrend360

I have an idea for a print!

Great, then feel free to send us an email via our contact form or a message on Instagram. We are always looking forward to new suggestions and ideas.

I would like to sell the WEPA Special Edition in my shop!

That makes us very happy. If you are interested in our WEPA Special Edition as a business customer, please feel free to contact us via the contact form or directly via . A Key Account Manager will get in touch with you immediately.

Who are WEPA?

The WEPA Group is a family business and produces high-quality hygienic papers. With around 3,900 employees and a turnover of around 1.3 billion euros, WEPA is the third largest manufacturer of hygienic paper in Europe. More than 600 truckloads of toilet paper, kitchen roll , tissues, industrial rolls and napkins leave our 13 plants every day.
Further information can be found here:

Where can I buy WEPA Special Edition products?

To find out where you can buy our products, please write us a message with your postcode and we will advise you of your nearest store as soon as possible. Use the contact form or send an email directly to: